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“I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with my magic, showmanship, and customer service. You have my word on it.” -David Breth, Professional Magician

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    Birthday Celebrations

    Whether planning a birthday party, celebration, school fundraiser, special events, et cetera knowing a seasoned magician that knows how to blend in quickly is a vital aspect when you want your guests to thoroughly enjoy your special event or celebration and with the highest standards.

    Corporate Events

    Companies, universities, fairs, festivals, professional organizations, et cetera, have worked with magicians to enhance their events year after year with stellar results.

    Restaurants | Banquets

    Finding dependable, local entertainment can be a difficult task, whether for a restaurants, banquet, church event, graduation, picnic or other various events. Now, you can rest assured your special activity will be a success, knowing you have access to a trusted and reliable source in the Angeles City area.

    Text or call 0947 893 6701

    Text or call 0947 893 6701 copy

    Dazzling Bacolor Pampanga Magician David Breth Adds Pizzazz to Corporate and Private Events

    Event planners in Bacolor, Pampanga and surrounding areas who need a squeaky-clean, polished, high-energy, society performer, need look no further than David Breth. He is an entertainer with dazzling, jaw dropping skill, zany humor, and a flair of interacting with the audience participation. Breth is now accepting bookings in the greater Bacolor area and beyond.

    Breth discovered his passion for magic over 25 years ago. After watching a magic show, David became determined to learn the craft. After years of study, trial and error through performance, he was formally trained at the Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation. He is now a highly successful entertainer, performing amazing shows for corporate and private events, and theater.

    David is known for his ability to please everyone from “hard-to-convince” skeptics to corporate CEOs. The key to his performance is that it is fast paced, hilarious and interactive. “Audience participation is a must – I guarantee that nobody will fall asleep or leave when I’m performing,” said Breth. “If you are searching for a squeaky-clean, amazing, high-energy, comedy-magic entertainer—you found the one.”

    He is adept at both stage and close-up entertainment. He can mesmerize audiences of every level of sophistication, at formal or informal events. His interpersonal skills allow him to excel at strolling/close-up, where his connection with the audience is key.

    Booking David is as easy as contacting him directly on his phone.

    For booking availability please Text or call 0947 893 6701

    When you need a Special Event or Corporate Entertainer, “The Bacolor Magician” David Breth, is the solution. “I work with event organizers who are bored of the same old traditional entertainment and are looking for a fun, diverse approach to make their events impressive,” said Breth. “It can be frustrating to organize and then run an event that just seems to follow the typical format, whether it’s a corporate event, fundraiser, or birthday celebration.”

    Booking corporate event entertainment is a daunting task. No event planner wants to get stuck with an entertainer who is boring and stale. A magician must be able to understand the audience, read the room and perform a clean show that does not leave anyone feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. For corporate event planners who are searching for a professional, engaging and fun performer, Bacolor area Magician, David Breth is a great choice.

    David Breth is an award-winning magician who has performed for both magicians and laypeople alike. Breth is a seasoned professional whose magic effects have been described as unbelievable and astounding.

    He knows that guests are often restless at corporate events or private receptions, so he works the room with humor and charisma, encouraging audience participation and leaving a David encourages event organizers to think out-of-the-box by hiring a magician who can build interest and excitement, one who will shake up your next event in the best possible way.

    Breth, performs at trade shows, hospitality suites, holiday celebrations, and a wide variety of private functions. He is available for bookings in the greater Bacolor, Pampanga and surrounding areas.

    Proudly Served….

    ……in the U.S. Army. Now a professional, New Hampshire based (also, serving Boston), magician focusing on corporate and family entertainment — Mr. Chandler served in the U.S. Army for 22 years. If you want a high-end, quality entertaining magical performance for your event by someone that knows about making things happen, then look no further. Invest in Massachusetts’s very own, Dave Chandler — book him today so you too can bring his interactive, comedy magic & illusion show to your next event!!! Dave is available to answer any questions you have, for your peace of mind!

    All of David’s Magic Shows Include….

    Over 20 years of experience || Business related expenses such as travel time, gas, taxes, tolls, consumables, materials, etc. || Set-up, show-time, break down || Back-Ground Check || Professional sound system, music, etc.

    Call or Text: 0947 893 6701

    When you text or call David you will not get any heavy sales pitch and no hassles to book a show. FREE info: 0947 893 6701.


    Just to clarify:

    When you are booking a professional entertainer (magician) several factors come into play. Like any profession, price is definitely an indicator – the lower the price, the more likely the magician is not an experienced entertainer.  Dave is NOT “some guy doing a few cheesy kids’ party tricks”… He is an ENTERTAINING MAGICIAN! Bottom line…everyone, in the audience will be smiling or laughing, as they ask themselves, “How did he do that?”

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